Idyllwild, California
July 22-24, 2022


Join us for a spirit enriching, and revitalizing weekend. The Rituals of Expansion Retreat will open your heart to attune with the frequency for living a high vibrational lifestyle. We’ve intentionally curated a fully immersive weekend for soul aligned sisterhood nestled in the serene mountains of Idyllwild. We will be sharing our tools and insights through a series of impactful rituals that will assist you in maintaining a well balanced lifestyle. Mind, body, and soul nourishment will be provided with delicious, health conscious meals, conversations, and experiences. This retreat will leave you with guidance on daily rituals, and a soul tribe that will elevate, and sustain the life you envision for yourself. Our hearts are so full of gratitude in anticipation for the souls who will answer the call to level up and expand!

This retreat is a sacred container for female-identifying participants.

Co-ed retreat coming in the fall season.

Location: Idyllwild, California

July 22-24, 2022

6 available spots

Rituals of Pursuing Your Passions by

The rituals of pursuing your passions will guide you in following your dreams and inate wisdom on a daily basis. I will provide support and tools to find, recognize and nourish your souls desires so that you may live in joy and abundance for the longterm. You will be completely immersed in my passions the entire weekend. Starting off with a group soundbath and sharing circle, this will set us off for the weekend where you will continue to explore the depths of who you truly are. I will sit with you and support you in whatever you need to set you off on your own passionate life journey.


Rituals of Beauty & Self-care by ILDA FLORES

The rituals of beauty and self care is a practice to work through daily negative thinking of ourselves and raise our self love frequency. You will receive knowledge on why beauty and self care is just as important to you as it is to the people in your life, how to incorporate beauty and self care into your busy life, and how to approach beauty and self care with a selfless heart even on the most challenging days to empower your feminine divine energy.

In this ritual Ilda will guide you through Gua Sha facial massage, Metta-Cina scalp massage and application of hair mask with intentional awareness and affirmation. 

You will leave with a better understanding of how, why, and when to give yourself all the love you want, need, and desire. There is no greater love than the love we carry within our own hearts.


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Rituals of Soul Connection by YVONNE SZEFER

The ritual of soul connection highlights sacred practices that offer a direct channel to plug into source consciousness and attune our frequency for receiving information from the higher self.

We will begin the rituals with a heart centered meditation. This specific meditation is curated for calming the nervous system, and opening the heart. From a grounded center I will open the Akashic Records to share both collective and individual messages channeled from source consciousness and your specific masters, teachers, and loved ones. I will use the tarot as a tool for clarity & guidance.

When we create time & space for nourishing the rituals of soul connection. We raise our frequency and become a clear channel for receiving the instant downloads from source. This connection opens our hearts to create, play, and connect on a soul level. We are then plugged into our internal guidance system and resources of infinite and endless possibilities. YAY!!!


Rituals of Nourishment by BEKAH RIFE

The ritual of nourishment is an exploration that will fuel us for our lifetime. Eating is an act we will participate in everyday, so creating a blueprint for how to make the best choices for you is an invaluable tool. You will receive information on how to choose foods in alignment with the season and also how to tune in to what foods your body needs to thrive and feel its best. We will discuss how nourishing our bodies is one of the most devotional acts we can give to ourselves, and how when we support our bodies we naturally being to support others.


In this ritual, we will build a divine charcuterie board together while learning tips and tricks to host with grace and ease.  There is a deep beauty that is awakened when one shares food with others.  You will learn to harness this creativity as an act of love and service.  You will leave with a greater understanding of what you want your relationship with food to feel like and how to create this reality.  In addition, you will leave with great recipes, and effortless hosting tips sure to have you planning your next dinner party!




Idyllwild, California

July 22-24, 2022

6 available spots




6pm Welcome Arrival

7pm Dinner

8pm Soundbath & Sacred Tea Time




8am Breakfast and snacks

9am Sensual Body movement and morning meditation

9:30am Leaving for Hike

1pm Return to the home for lunch

3pm-7pm Private 1-1 Ritual with Yvonne, Ilda or Elmira

Down time to go into Idyllwild

Please select one:

        Reiki/Pursuing Your Passion Coaching- Elmira

      Reiki/ Akashic Reading or Tarot Reading -Yvonne

      Metta Cīna Scalp Massage- Ilda

7pm Ritual of Nourishment- cooking with the chef

8pm Dinner

9pm Sacred Tea Time and Talk.

RITUALS OF BEAUTY & SELF-CARE presented by Ilda Flores


9am Breakfast and snacks

10am Meditation

11am RITUALS OF SOUL CONNECTION presented by Yvonne Szefer

12pm Brunch and Farewell


INCLUDING A RITUAL GIFT BAG VALUED AT $500+ because you’re loved and deserve it all!!!