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How does one make the decision to become a stylist and fashionista? For Ìlda, she credits her Mother for guiding her natural affinity for hair and all things fashion. From a young age, it was her Mother who recognized her only daughter’s gift for working with hair, so she encouraged her to follow that desire and passion. As the old adage goes, Mother knows best! 


And then….at the sweet age of 15, Ìlda enrolled herself in beauty school. She attributes her wide-range knowledge and continuing education as the key to her success. Always a student seeking to enhance her skillset, she has attained advanced training at prestigious institutions including the Vidal Sassoon Academy, The Arrojo Academy, Mastered: Hair London, and Wella Education, to name a few. 

Ilda’s undeniable work ethic and creative energy have earned her opportunities to design hair for top fashion houses at NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and LFW (London Fashion Week). Her editorial work has been internationally published in fashion magazines and she has styled the manes of A-list actors and celebrities. 


Ilda holds great regard for her mentors (and living legends!) Stephen Moody, Ted Gibson, and Sam Mcknight. Her gratitude for those who paved the way for her career is grounded in humility. 


As a Los Angeles-based stylist catering to her clients in an elevated, one-on-one experience, she offers a wide range of luscious services including haircutting, hairstyling, scalp/hair treatments, hair coloring, hair smoothing treatments, and the unique scalp massage called the Metta.CĪna, an indulgent experience meant to rejuvenate and pamper your precious crown. 


Her intentional presence and trained eyes and ears enable her to see and listen to her clients and their varying hair needs. As a result, she has established a loyal following. 


Her power consultations allow her to visually create enhanced beauty looks for her clientele, infusing each technical look with love and positivity. Her clients leave with a greater understanding of their hair and their scalp health, how to recreate their look at home, and a personalized at-home self-care hair ritual. 


With over 20 years in the beauty industry, Ilda’s rooted belief is that we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others and in extension, this precious planet. Ilda’s commitment to being of service to others and her dedication to living with intention has been bridged together by her spiritual practice of Vipassana meditation and her communication self-development learnings. These sacred routines naturally progressed into the creation of “Self Care Beauty Rituals”.


When Ilda is not beautifying others, you can find her grounding on a beach somewhere in Mexico, cooking new recipes, trying new restaurants, exploring museums, or dancing to the beat of this colorful world. 

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