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Healthy Hair Care is Self Care.

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Celebrating over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and 2 years at Ilda Flores Hair has been a magical whirlwind of beautiful moments lived and shared. Thank you to all my clients for being the heart and success of my small business. Cheers to many more great hair days and love!

Ilda Flores
Master Hair Colorist & Stylist

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Social Salon Suites 

540 W Colorado St,

Glendale, CA 91204

(714) 722-0720


Ultimate Self Care

Shop my favorite brands for every-day healthy, gorgeous hair, luxury body care, shaving & grooming.

Brands I recommend: Davines, K18, StyleEdit, The Potted Plant, Wet Brush.




"Ílda is both an artist and a scientist when it comes to hair care & styling. In my personal hair evolution under Ílda's care, my hair and style have been transformed from faded color and dry & broken locks to a fabulously rich and solidly textured mane. She takes time to analyze what one's hair needs - not just from the outside (the color and cut) - but from a holistic view that with color and treatment has hair coming out better and more healthy than before. Her techniques that include use of low to no heat and slow, specific, processes with high quality products certainly contribute to a great outcome, but it is her vision and artistry of color, cut & shaping that ensure an overall amazing result."

Brandy Isaacks

Executive Director,

Pharmaceutical Research

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